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Humble Servant by Dan Pogue

Bronze, 6 Feet Tall x 7.5 Feet Long x 5 Feet Wide
Not for Sale.

 Humble Servant

This work represents Jesus in the act of washing Peter's feet (John 13). For countless years to come, this image of Jesus' humility and service will serve as a reminder to all entering Riverbend Plaza of the importance of humbly serving others. The sculpture a message of grace and hope, serves as a landmark for the Riverbend campus but the City of Austin. This "River of Life" water feature was designed to represent the vibrant and growing Body of Christ that is Riverbend Church. It represents the life giving, cleansing, and refreshing power of the Spirit of God; sourced in Christ Himself as "The Living Water". (John 4) After six months of creation, Dan Pogue's Humble Servant was unveiled June, 2011 at Riverbend Church in Austin, TX . The commission was made possible by a generous donor and dedicated to the memory of long time Riverbend member, John Hugh Roberts.

All Images: Copyright by Dan Pogue, 2012.